Falling into Grace

Apol, L.  (1998).  Falling into grace. Sioux Center, IA:  Dordt College Press

Falling into Grace cover.jpg

From the back cover:

Growing up, I always imagined that writers lived wildly unconventional lies, their scarves trailing behind them as they swept past the mundane tasks that occupied the rest of the world, on their way from one profound experience to the next. Grown up now, writing, publishing, conducting workshops, giving readings and teaching classes, I keep waiting for the transformation to occur. And I have enough writing friends to know that most of them are waiting for the transformation as well. We’re all still rotating our tires, house-breaking puppies, planting marigolds, thumping melons. Yet as I look over my writing, I notice how often I find meaning in these very ordinary moments. They are the profound experiences of my life, and invariably my epiphanies take place when I least expect them: while I am washing dishes, mowing the lawn, watching a soccer game, nursing a baby.

Falling into Grace is a collection of poetry and prose that articulates those experiences in my life. The moments these pieces arise from are, in a sense, holy moments—moments wove so tightly into the fabric of daily existence that they are often overlooked. The pieces in this collection span many years. They represent my evolving understanding of what is holy, and they remind me of how deeply grace runs through and around each of our lives.

~Laura Apol